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POV-Ray for Mac

POV-Ray for Apple Macintosh, runs on Apple Silicon

POV-Ray is a free ray tracing program to render 3D images. It uses a text-based scene description language (SDL).
High-quality examples of images rendered with POV-Ray can be seen at the POV-Ray hall of fame.

These versions use the standard POV-Ray 3.7.0/3.8.0 rendering program, compiled to run on Apple Mac computers, including the most recent computer based on the new Apple silicon .

With the unofficial versions for Apple you also get:

  • An interface to set all rendering options and preferences;
  • An editor with coloured syntax to edit the files;
  • Template forms to assist you in writing the correct syntax, showing all possible options;
  • A message window showing messages, warnings and errors of the file being parsed or rendered; 
  • A preview window to watch rendering progress of the image; 
  • Support for the Insert Menu Add-Ons (standard POV-Ray for Windows collection or 3rd party collections like Friedrich A. Lohm├╝ller’s collection; 

For each version there are two archives.
One archive with the application and one archive with the additional files (include files, example scenes and documentation).
You need both to get started but when the application is updated you only have to download the application.


  • Version
    Will run on system 10.9.5 and later, Intel and Apple silicon (universal binary)
  • Version 3.8.0 Beta
    Will run on system 10.9.5 and later, Intel and Apple silicon (universal binary)

Applications are not code signed, launch them the first time while holding down the control-key and click with the right mouse button. Select open.